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Quotes & Testimonials

  • “This was a pleasant experience, really.”

    Philippe Tummers, GYN, UZ Gent


  • “This is the real advantage of this chair: you can suture with real triangulation, when I’m next to the patient I have this sharp angle, here I have classic triangulation, of course it’s comfortable now to sit down….”

    Nicholas Lummen, URO, UZ Gent


  • “I am very amazed. I felt no discomfort during or after performing the procedure (Sacral Colpopexy) even after 3 hours of sitting on the chair. I was far more tired after 30 minutes of camera holding.”

    Nicolas Lummen, MD

  • “My accuracy has improved by at least 20%. I’ll never stand again to perform laparoscopic surgery.”

    Jens Rassweiler, MD

    University of Heidelberg, Germany

New Perspectives In Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery great for patients, not so hot for surgeons

Minimally invasive surgery, known formally as laparoscopic surgery, has proved a boon for patients over the last 20 years, minimizing hospital stays, speeding recovery and reducing the cosmetic consequences of operations. But new evidence suggests the surgeons who perform the procedures are developing a new group of aches, pains and medical complications from them, according to Dr. Adrian E. Park of the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

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